[thelist] HTML in email

Ross Johnston rossjohnston at wnw.quik.co.nz
Fri Jun 22 05:33:32 CDT 2001

One thing is for sure, you had better get used to HTML email

With email  being the biggest activity on the web, site operators who don't
use it fully for communications and promotions will  lose out in a big way,
and fully has to mean HTML

By using email you can take the initiative and keep in touch with vistiors
bringing them back time and time with links to new items or products.
For that reason every  website should have an  email strategy and part of
that strategy has to be the contemplation or use of a more graphical form
than text.

Remember ma and pa have been putting  graphics and pics  in email  for a
while now and the most used email clients such as Outlook Express
have HTML as default.

Hey has anyone thought it could be fun.

Ross Johnston
ross at eresponse.co.nz

Erika said

> What is an ugly email?
> 1. One you can't read for the HTML tags?
> 2. One you can't see because of white space and images pushing down
> 3. All unsolicited mass email sent solely for the purpose of
> promoting a service or product?
> 4. All of the above?
> _____________________________
> I'm not sure I'm an "average user" but I choose #4.
> _____________________________
> As a consumer, I'd suggest to companies that if they MUST send mass
> emails, it would be so nice if they would be text-based informational
> type emails... you know, like a value-added service... and that it
> would be very easy for the user to opt in and out of receiving these
> very informative and useful text-based newsletters.
> This dream-spam would be ad-free, except maybe a small credit to you
> and your URL at the top and bottom.
> Any prettiness would be achieved with ascii.
> <example>
> ((((((((((((((((( WEBREFERENCE UPDATE NEWSLETTER )))))))))))))))))
> </example>
> (though that may pose accessibility problems, I don't know.)
> Just MHO.
> Erika
> >(thus avoiding any
> >ugly emails that will drive our prospects to the firm next door) .
> >
> >thx, jelle
> --

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