[thelist] Using my server for spam?

Ron_Senykoff/BEA at beaerospace.com Ron_Senykoff/BEA at beaerospace.com
Fri Jun 22 09:11:09 CDT 2001

all those .ru addresses should make you very concerned...
have you checked to see if you can relay messages off your smtp server?


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Hi guys,

I've been out of town a while, and busy catching up on all this mail!

Weird thing..............one of my clients wasn't receiving all her email
through my paid hosting company, so they told me to ftp in and check the
var/spool/mail folder.  Nothing in there, but in the var/spool/mque folder
there's 4 files that I have no idea what are or where they came from.  I'm
no expert, but they look like spam lists.

I posting the smallest one below.  Can anyone confirm for me what this is
and what should I do?  Just delete it?  (I've left everything as is, except
replaced my clients info with "myclient"):



MI/O error: Error 0
S<brit at kamensk.donpac.ru>
C:<sales at myclient.com>
RPFD:bplazyk at aol.com
H?P?Return-Path: <brit at kamensk.donpac.ru>
HReceived: from kamensk.donpac.ru ([])
 by flowers-by-design.com (8.8.8/8.8.5) with ESMTP id UAA07300
 for <sales at myclient.com>; Sat, 19 May 2001 20:46:40 -0400
HReceived: from brit (ppp25.kamensk.donpac.ru [])
 by kamensk.donpac.ru (8.8.5/8.8.5) with SMTP id WAA17128;
 Sat, 19 May 2001 22:30:40 +0400 (MSD)
HMessage-ID: <000601c0e0a9$beb98ce0$86b1a1c3 at brit>
HFrom: =?koi8-r?B?69LB0N7F1M/XIOEu9y4=?= <brit at kamensk.donpac.ru>
HTo: <safharb at batelnet.bs>, <safin1 at aha.ru>, <safon at aha.ru>,
<safonoff at chat.ru>,
        <safonov at lint.ru>, <safonov at osi.ru>, <safr at acca.spb.ru>,
        <safronov at cv.jinr.ru>, <safronov at redline.ru>,
        <safronov at spectr.yaroslavl.ru>, <safronov at tae.msk.su>,
        <safronov at ug.ru>, <safronov at unn.ac.ru>, <safy at safy.spb.ru>,
        <sag at chak.donetsk.ua>, <sag at ecochim.kostroma.su>,
        <sag at ecoh.buy.kostroma.su>, <sag at exchange.spb.inkom.ru>,
        <sag at i-connect.ru>, <sag at mail.infotel.ru>,
        <sag at optimeks.carrier.kiev.ua>, <sag at sar.nnov.ru>, <sag at vaz.ru>,
        <sag at vaz.tlt.ru>, <saga at ssmach.astyle.omsk.su>, <sagan at jeo.ru>,
        <sagaprg at sbtx.tmn.ru>, <sagas at fortpro.uznet.net>,
<sagat at prtb.com.ru>,
        <sagavas at sagavas.kiev.ua>, <sage at free.jesby.tstu.ru>,
        <sage at sarnode.ru>, <sagfarm at cityline.ru>, <sagita at cityline.ru>,
        <sagulin at dialup.ptt.ru>, <saha at nv.vniigar.gazprom.ru>,
        <sahahhhh at mtu-net.ru>, <sahan1 at comset.net>,
        <saharow at rt2.mcc.krasnoyarsk.su>, <sahnov at elsite.ru>,
        <sahohl at online.ru>, <sahrcom at sakhalin.ru>,
<sai at b3172.dd.vaz.tlt.ru>,
        <sai at comset.net>, <sai at ffoods.ru>, <sai at nkaz.kemerovo.su>,
        <sai at siauliai.omnitel.net>, <said at garant.ru>,
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        <salavat1 at yahoo.com>, <sald-lab at edu-centre.kharkov.com>,
        <sald at market.spb.su>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958210001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958230001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958230002 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958240001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958250001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958260001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958270001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958310001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958320001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958330001 at news.siberia.net>,
        <sale-ya02408000r0104980958350001 at news.siberia.net>,
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