[thelist] What is a good analogy for email aliases?

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Fri Jun 22 12:44:49 CDT 2001


Thanks, this was the one I thought of, but was looking for a more complete
metaphor - usually one has to go pick up the mail at the PO box.

But anyway.  This seems like the best one. Thanks!

P.S. - the client thought they'd have to dial up to Canada (!!) to get their
e-mail (we're in Edmonton)...  So we had to minimize the amount of
information we actually gave them. ;-)

"And then the sled dogs make the hand off at the border..."


on 6/22/2001 11:30 AM, Morbus Iff at morbus at disobey.com wrote:

>> We do e-mail services for a few of our clients (POP3 and forwarding), but
>> have a hard time explaining to people what an alias is...
>> Has anyone come up with some cool, simple analogy that explains it?
> Yup. PO Boxes versus street addresses.
>   Alias is to email
>     as
>   PO Boxes is to street addresses.
> I got a ton of metaphors - I work for a Podunkville ISP ;) ...

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