[thelist] Off Subject: Help with Postcrad Direct cgi script

Cybernuns at aol.com Cybernuns at aol.com
Fri Jun 22 15:14:17 CDT 2001

OFF SUBJECT from New Member: 
Sorry to change the subject but I'm a professional artist who just created an 
eCommerce site (www.cybernuns.com)for my Limited Edition prints about robots, 
brains etc.  I created the site using Fireworks/Dreamweaver.  Downloaded 
Postcard Direct cgi script so I can mount a Free eCard section but cannot 
understand how to get started.  If anyone is familiar with this, I sure would 
be grateful to get a response.  
Now I know I'm supposed to send a tip in exchange for asking for help so here 
<tip>You don't have to use alt tags literally.  You can use them 
biographically. </tip> 


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