[thelist] Practices: -- What tools are best for Technical Document Creation

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Fri Jun 22 15:36:02 CDT 2001

Hi Bryce,

We use Docbook for all our technical documents:


But it sounds like the solution you need might require something a bit
different... I've heard Adobe Framemaker does a great job.


on 6/22/2001 2:26 PM, Bryce Johnson at bryce at popped.com wrote:

> I need to setup a process and a toolset for assembling technical
> documents.  At first I thought about Pagemaker because I already know how to
> use it and I've heard can handle Office 2K. Some of the more experienced
> document makers are telling me to go with Framemaker.
> I would appreciate any insight into these tools or any other ones.
> thanks
> bryce

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