[thelist] Chatbox using ASP?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Fri Jun 22 18:19:18 CDT 2001

I've done ASP chats in the past. It's quite possible that with the newest
technologies it's not as horrendous as it was back in 1999, but it *was*

There's a good reason why chats are still done in java.

Any reason why the client (or yourself) doesn't want the java applet?


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From: "Eveline Vanhemel" <eveline_vanhemel at pi.be>
> This thing lets me think, I already started out wrong by thinking, I could
> create a chatbox this way. Because of that, my question to you is, is
> a way to create a chatbox without using Java? Or should I prepare my
> that he better forgets the idea?

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