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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser at skdesigns.com
Sat Jun 23 05:36:52 CDT 2001

At 03:14 AM 06/23/2001, you wrote:
>Judah McAuley wrote on 23/6/01 12:05 am
> >I think you might be looking for: http://www.limitless.co.uk/colour/
> >
> >It was posted (and created) by one of our own.  Unfortunately, I forget
> >who, so I can't give credit.
>Ah, that would be Paola.
>I used it extensively when I put together the evolt themes I've been
>talking about lately.

I can see why! Wow! What a resource.

I have a bunch of color charts at WebsiteTips.com 
<http://www.websitetips.com/color/> and some excellent color information 
listed, but I didn't know this one even existed. What a find. I'll be 
adding it to the resources at WebsiteTips.com's color page over the weekend.

What wonderfully creative people....



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