[thelist] site critique request

lon.kraemer lwkraemer at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 23 10:32:38 CDT 2001

Clean, fast, attractive.

Win98se, IE5.01, PC

One comment. RE: Photos. Scenario: A vertical format photo is selected,
pop-up opens. The user does not specifically close the chromeless window,
rather focuses back to index. Next she selects a horiz format photo. This
pops up in the previous window sized for the vertical photo. The horiz image
doesn't fit that window and since there are no scrollbars it looks 'broken'.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have the pop-up close when it loses
focus, then it'll be respawned with the correct size for the next image


> Hello Everybody,
> I'd like you to give me your opinion on http://nictucker.com -
> good/bad/indifferent? I'd also be very interested to hear what it looks
> on a mac since I don't have access to one myself.
> Many thanks,
> Arthur

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