[thelist] Chatbox using ASP?

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Sat Jun 23 13:50:24 CDT 2001

The process of making an online chat is not that bad when you can control
the client... say ie 5.0+

Actually, if you have that sort of control, it is actually quite easy to
create a multiroom/mutlperson chat where everyone can see everyone else's
chat within a room, and you can get an updated list of who is and who is not
in the room at any moment.  I may be able to post a demo by Tuesday (I have
one done it's just not public) if you are interested in seeing an example.
The back end is written in CF, not ASP, but the concepts are the same.

Just let me know if you are interested in seeing it and I will get on it


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: From: "Eveline Vanhemel" <eveline_vanhemel at pi.be>
: > This thing lets me think, I already started out wrong by thinking, I
: > create a chatbox this way. Because of that, my question to you is, is
: there
: > a way to create a chatbox without using Java? Or should I prepare my
: client
: > that he better forgets the idea?
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