[thelist] A true breadcrumbs trail

Daniel S. O'Shea doshea at surfree.com
Sat Jun 23 14:05:50 CDT 2001

Aardvark suggested I let the list know if there was a way that the
breadcrumbs trail could each link to a page.

Just add a default page to each folder. (Or index, and whatever extension
form you use.) The subdirectory now becomes a subweb. The script recognizes
any subweb as long as it is on all pages.

For instance, at www.whodoistart/football, clicking on 2000 under
STATISTICS>PLAYERS, click on one of the player positions. By clicking on
Statistics in the breadcrumb trail once that page loads, the default page in
that folder loads up.

As it states in the BREADCRUMBS directions, name your folders precisely how
you want them to appear.

Voila, a true breadcrumbs trail.

Dan O.

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