[thelist] RE: Chatbox

Eveline Vanhemel eveline_vanhemel at pi.be
Sat Jun 23 14:20:54 CDT 2001

I hear you Nicole, don't think I didn't consider it, and in fact I even took
it as a serious option, but my client wasn't agreeing with it. The chatbox
is not that important, because I was clever enough to tell my client in the
beginning, that it was something I was not sure of if I could do it, so he
was already a bit prepared if I didn't succeed in making one. Furthermore,
if the chatbox is going to be implemented, it will only be accessible for
members of the organisation I am making this site for (it is a membership
site), so it is only a very small portion of the whole project I am working
on and it is certainly not that important, to be quite frank, it was more of
a challenge to me, if I could pull something like this off, since I never
did it before.

But anyway, I certainly going to keep these url's in mind, I am sure they
will come in handy, one day or another, if not in this project then
certainly in some other.

So thanks for your help..:-))


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