[thelist] [OT]Can I use the tip harvester code/ or be given some hints how it is implemented?

Charles Wilson (h) me at charlesw.com
Sun Jun 24 19:21:31 CDT 2001

I'm developing a small community design site with friends to help inspire each other- and the tip
harvester for Evolt.org is a great tool.

I checked http://lists.evolt.org but couldn't find any more information on how evolt implemented the
Tip Harvester; could one of the admins contact me and either:
1. Tell me it is a secret
2. Tell me it is a secret and move me in the right direction (implemented with perl/ php/
coldfusion, on what type of server..)

Thats really just what I am interested in.

-charles wilson

<tip type="Sitemap planning" author="lists at charlesw.com">

Microsoft's Visio is great for mapping out ideas, workflows and sitemaps- at a price.

SmartDraw has a ton of features- I used it today to brainstorm a site, and only $100.

-Also, I have no connection with the company.-

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