[thelist] PDFs and Netscape 6.01

Niklaus Haldimann runciter at rosa.com
Tue Jun 26 09:20:35 CDT 2001

i'm a bit late on this one, but nevertheless ...

sfmalo wrote:
> Awhile back, I queried the List about PDFs not opening in Netscape 6.01.
> Well, I just stumbled upon something yesterday. They do open now but do not
> open if you're using Front Page AND you have target="blank" following the
> PDF filename.

i have encountered this bug, too. i've written extensive documentation
on it for a client. i'd post a link here, but it's in german so not of
much use for most of you. ;-)

actually it hasn't anything to do with frontpage. netscape 6.x will not
open pdfs in a new window (using the target attribute) *anytime* if you
have the acrobat plugin installed (if it isn't installed it's a
non-issue, since netscape will prompt for download anyway). the only
workaround i found was to open the new window with js.


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