[thelist] javascript:// :is it necessary?

Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Thu Jun 28 12:12:50 CDT 2001

I don't think that is right, not in the IE browser anyways.  The object, ie
the image in this case, is defined by the browser.  Maybe Netscrape does it
differently.  I can turn off js and still utilize the events attached to
those objects, (DHTML in MS's rule book), to launch ASP code.  You are
suggesting that MS built the IE browser on top of Sun's event handler.  Why
would MS ditch their own object model with it's own event handler in favor
of Sun's for the browser?  It wouldn't make sense to write an object modeler
and not write the hooks to go with it, but to rely on someone elses hooks.
That would potentially cripple your ablility to improve the product without
Sun's permission.  I don't see MS backing themselves into that corner.
We should all know how Bill got started, and it wasn't by letting IBM walk
all over him.  Old Digital Research people might have a word or two to say
about MS tweaking code and republishing as their own.

Brian W. King

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Um, there may be a degree of confusion here. onmouseover is a javascript
event handler. You can't do anything with it in ASP, because ASP is an ISAPI
filter, and thus in this context VBScript is processed on the server. The
onmouseover event handler is purely client-side, and is handled by the
browser's implementation of the javascript engine. I don't know whether or
not you could write a client-side VBScript rollover effect as it's never
been a meaningful excercise for me, but if you can, then VBScript also has
an onmouseover event handler.

Consider the matter clarified <grin>.


Chris Marsh

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