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Just a follow-up.  Friend and I were having a discussion ab. tracking such as your client wants (wanted?).  As we went through the steps, we came to the realization that this method (the database rerouting) pretty well negates caching inaccuracies.  Even if the page is cached, the request still has to come through the database, so the actual request count can be assumed to be a lot more accurate.  Yeah, yeah, bookmarks and other factors make it less than 100%, but it's still a bunch better than logfile analysis - if you can stand the overhead of traffic and SQL calls.  There could be a pretty heavy downside in bandwidth if you were, say, CNET, YAHOO!, or some such.  Anything around 4K to 10K requests per hour should be ok, though.  (Bear in mind that my friend has had a couple of Black Russians and I've had a beer or three, so there may be faults (alcoholic foggery) in our logic <grin!>.)

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From:	Bob Davis [bobd at members.evolt.org]
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Subject:	Re: [thelist] IIS, Cookies and html pages
Time:	6/28/2001 at 3:27PM

At 1:58 PM -0500 6/28/01, databarn wrote:

>Have a look at
>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/012901-1.shtml ,
>"Creating a Click-Through Tracking System".

Neato solution. I don't know if they want to support a database yet
(the whole thing is flat file - no scripting, no database, nothing.
One or two form handlers is all).

It's mostly a brochure-ware site, but in the future they might get
into some databases and such. The thing is, their ops guys are all
Unix geeks, and the server (for some reason I still can't grok) is a
windows machine.

I suspect that they'll move to *nix  eventually.  Maybe I'll look for
a PHP solution and use that instead - the migration should be easier.

Thanks to all  (Dex, Matt...I owe you again).


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