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Tobyn Baugher trb at cartoonviolence.net
Wed Jul 4 01:57:08 CDT 2001

On 7/4/2001 1:18 PM +0930 Lea Levy <leaevolt at viking.org.au> wrote:

> My main problem was a mail client.
> Couldnt find anything I liked.

Try mutt. It's console-based, and is a little more difficult to
configure than the Gnome mailers, but definitely worth it. Mailing list
threading and easy multiple mailbox support make plowing through piles
of mail easy. 

Best thing is to replace the default editor (vi) with Vim so you get
pretty syntax highlighting and neat quoted-material reformatting
commands (I wish all mailers had this). Of course, if you don't know
vi/Vim, what better time to learn? You're in UNIX land now :).

If you're retrieving your mail with POP3 or IMAP then you'll need to
configure Fetchmail to do this for you. Why not learn how to use
Procmail too? Hehe, I'm just loading you down with things to learn.

> Not as full featured as I like (I've been utterly spoiled by using The
> Bat under Windows for ages now :) but it is only a Beta.

This doesn't apply to you so much since you're now MS-free, but if
you're looking for a *great* Windows mailer give Mulberry a shot. I've
tried everything else* and Mulberry simply blows all of them out of the

(PS: No, I don't work for cyrusoft** :P)

*: Everything else meaning Outlook (Express|97|2000|20002/XP), Eudora,
Netscape and Mozilla's clients, The Bat! and PC-Pine.

**: http://www.cyrusoft.com - Where you can download Mulberry

Regards and good luck in all your UNIX/Linux adventures :),

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