[thelist] XML - will it be big?

Christopher Orth - HQ corth at casey.org
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Well, I would venture to say that XML is already big!  You would be
surprised at how many home grown XML based solutions there are, and many
larger scale products are based on XML.  Its even creeping into use where
you may not expect it; Dreamweaver uses XML for some of its configurations
and interface, and I understand that Apples OSX interface uses an XML based
system (but don't quote me on that).

Right now, with only a modest knowledge of XML and ASP you can create some
amazing solutions for much less money and development time than you
traditionally would, and end up with something more flexible.  For example,
you could eliminate the need for a database in many instances, saving
yourself bags of money.

A great book to check into is "ASP XML", by WROX.  (One of the Red books
with all the faces on it).  That book alone can make you a seriously
dangerous web developer.

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I just started studying XML at school and I wonder how much emphasis I
should give to it for now...
We are also studying ASP and PHP which are more in demand (??) but my
teacher keeps saying that we should go deep into it cause in 2 years it
will be *BIG* .....
Could you guys give your 2 cents on this matter??
I love programming and I would certainly take one more language just as
easy but I need to establish some priorities here and I want to
concentrate on what will be more useful to me when I graduate and start
looking for a job.....
I appreciate any comments on this subject.


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