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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Jul 7 18:27:18 CDT 2001

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Richard Bennett wrote on 8/7/01 12:16 am

>Regarding database connectivity, all programming languages use more or less
>the same principal to connect, and extract a dataset. The syntax may vary,
>but if you can do it in ASP, you can do it in PHP after a 2 minute lookup.
>If you've learnt it using Interdev, you'll be completely lost without

Right, so I don't see the issue with using CF - you don't *have* to
use the IDE.


(last editing session: XSSI conditionality this morning with SSH
and vi - when I get to XSSI modular nirvana I'll document it
for evolt. 

Next thing on the TTDL is a globbing Perl script which
will build a photos page for ephemeral pics dumped from 
my digital camera - just drop the images into a dir on the
server and the page will build itself in style like
only probably without the thumbnail/fullsize pic links -
simple manageability cos a) I'm lazy and b) it's easy
for my wife to do with pics of the upcoming baby without
having learn or wrangle HTML and Photoshop)

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