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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Jul 8 11:14:25 CDT 2001

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Philippe Jadin wrote on 8/7/01 1:31 pm

>> I have to make decisions on PhP and ColdFusion.
>> I am not getting it - why is ColdFusion talked about
>> so much in the web developement world?
>> What are the benefits of using PhP?
>> Is ColdFusion doing something different to other
>> products (it's competitor).
>Without more background informations, I really only see two parameters here
>: price and personal preferences
>- price : coldfusion is not free, php is. This obviously has "some impact"
>on developement and production cost.

True, but costs should get charged onto the client (ideally with
a markup) anyway. As long as you have somewhere to *practise*
and get good.

Remember also that the database cost is also going to come into
play here. If you're paying a commercial license cost for SQLServer
or Oracle, it's going to be expensive no matter what your app server
choice is.

>- personal preferences : try them both. Look at the sources of a simple
>application written in both langages, like (for example) a database'd
Also remember that the same language could be used with a range of
development methodologies - a structured approach which separates
presentation, content, logic and data layers is going to look very
different from one which just throws CFML/PHP markup onto
a page.


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