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Sun Jul 8 16:48:52 CDT 2001

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From: "Eveline Vanhemel" <eveline_vanhemel at pi.be>

> What I would like to do, is while studying, changing the site along with
> but since the site is still running on NT, I would like to know, which
> direction is the easiest way to take?
> The best solution would be if I could write the code now to run on NT but
> we change next year to the UNIX platform, it has to be possible to move
> site with as less as possible adaptations. So, with that in mind, what
> should I choose? CF or PHP?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eveline
> eveline_vanhemel at pi.be
My armature two cents would be to go with PHP, it does not cost a dime. If
you know ASP, PHP is a breeze to transition too. To get the full kit for
Windows just go to www.FoxServ.com . Win or Nix PHP is the same so I don't
imagine you would have any problems. There is enough friendly support in the
PHP community that can  cover any crisis you could possibly have. Plus any
hard converting (db or whatever) the tools are freely available to do it.
Also if you are going to use MySql, there is a great tool for windows called
"mysqlfront" You don't even have to read anything to use it. Its very


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