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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Jul 8 16:56:56 CDT 2001

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Chris Evans wrote on 8/7/01 9:13 pm

>It seems most of what I read here are from free-lancers, or working for
>small websites.  Are there others out there who work for the big boys?
>Yahoo, CNN, AOL, MSN?  I would like to know if there are others in this
>group who are fighting the same battles we all are, but for companies with
>over 1 million page views/day?


But I think most of the really, really big sites have their inhouse

Many of the consumer sites I work on would be deemed failures with
fewer than 10m visitors a year. B2B is of course different - lower
volume but each visitor is more valuable.

And yes, at that size, a lot of the battles are still the same;
maybe stronger because creative and technical people are more
strongly siloed, with the IA/Usability piece falling down the chasm

There's a lot of "lobbing the screen mockup out of PS over
the wall", or the creative people dump HTML from DW/GoLive (if
you're lucky) or FW/Photoshop (if you're not) and it never gets
looked at by the people bringing it into JSP/Vignette etc.

And where an hour's delay of the launch costs on average $8,000,
you're not going to win friends with an insistance on holding it up
to do usability/IA work unless you're *really* strong on the
net business benefit.


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