[thelist] Linux vs. FreeBSD

Tony Grimes algrimes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Sun Jul 8 18:28:26 CDT 2001

     I finally brought another line into my home to run a web/ftp/email
server (for personal use) and I'm currently deciding which OS to run. I
want to play around and get some admin/config skills under my belt, but
it'll be more of a side-hobbie than anything else. I've narrowed my choice
to either Linux (to see what I'm missing out on) or FreeBSD (I'd like to
eventually migrate to MacOSX). I'm planning on running Apache, mod_perl,
etc. (everything open source).
     Any suggestions? Are there any differences in flexibility or
feature-sets (I don't really care about X Windows)? How hard would it
be to migrate from Linux to MacOSX?


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