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Jacob Wagner jwagner at abetting.net
Sun Jul 8 19:37:06 CDT 2001

does any one happen to know where i can get windows xp quickly
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Subject: [thelist] Windows XP / IE 6 and style sheets

> I looked in the archives to see if this has been discussed yet and
> find it.
> I installed Windows XP (Preview Release 1) today, which of course
> IE 6 automatically.  Now, when I go to web-sites, the fonts seem to be all
> screwed up, as if the stylesheets aren't working.
> Has anyone else noticed this?  Disabling a stylesheet doesn't seem to be
> option, so I'm not sure where it would be.
> For what it's worth (it's a moot point, because Smart Tags won't be in the
> final version), Smart Tags were turned off by default for IE 6 / Windows
> PR 1.
> Thanks!
> Scott
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