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Mon Jul 16 06:07:03 CDT 2001

Alastair and Scott -

Thanks so much for conveying the problem with my home page causing browser
crashes. I tested it originally using IE 5.01 on Win98SE and never had a
problem...and have since "visited" it testing changes ... and nothing like
that ever happened.

Well, I removed the scroller script entirely so if you have a chance, could
you test it again to see if it's still crashing your IE browser? <comment>Of
all things, IE!</comment>

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> >Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but when I visit
> >http://www.24caratdesign.com
> >my browser crashes.  IE5.5 on w2k, 56k dial up.  Not quite sure what's
> >causing in yet, I've just had to use *shudder* netscape to view the page.
> It crashes IE 5.01 on Win98 too. I'm not sure what causes it either, but
> seems to happen right when the status bar scroller reaches the "a" in
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