[thelist] best PHP Book anybody?

Ray Hill lists at prydain.com
Thu Jul 19 21:32:13 CDT 2001

> Anybody out there has any pros/cons about specific books
> in the market?  My teacher told me to get the Beginning
> PHP4 by Wrox but I wanted to have more opinions before
> investing on the books....

I've gotten *excellent* results from Wrox's 'Professional PHP' book.
Very well written.  If you've never touched any kind of programming
before (ie, "what do you mean doan if/then statement"), then the
beginning book might be better.  But the Professional one *really* is
geared towards the pseudo-beginner.

Drop by your local Barnes & Noble (or whereever) and read the chapters
on if/then, switch and loops in both books.  If the Professional one
makes sense, you're probably better off with it.  If not, then go for
the Beginning book.


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