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Jakob Dölling alligotar at gmx.net
Fri Jul 20 14:41:14 CDT 2001

Emily and all:

Do you need a list of mime-charsets? I pulled it out ouf the lynx config
N.B: Russian (Cyrillic) uses two charsets.


Jakob Dölling

7 bit approximations (US-ASCII)    us-ascii
Western (ISO-8859-1)               iso-8859-1
Western (ISO-8859-15)              iso-8859-15
Western (cp850)                    cp850
Western (windows-1252)             windows-1252
IBM PC US codepage (cp437)         cp437
DEC Multinational                  dec-mcs
Macintosh (8 bit)                  macintosh
NeXT character set                 next
HP Roman8                          hp-roman8
Chinese                            euc-cn
Japanese (EUC-JP)                  euc-jp
Japanese (Shift_JIS)               shift_jis
Korean                             euc-kr
Taipei (Big5)                      big5
Vietnamese (VISCII)                viscii
Eastern European (ISO-8859-2)      iso-8859-2
Eastern European (cp852)           cp852
Eastern European (windows-1250)    windows-1250
Latin 3 (ISO-8859-3)               iso-8859-3
Latin 4 (ISO-8859-4)               iso-8859-4
Baltic Rim (cp775)                 cp775
Baltic Rim (windows-1257)          windows-1257
Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)              iso-8859-5
Cyrillic (cp866)                   cp866
Cyrillic (windows-1251)            windows-1251
Cyrillic (KOI8-R)                  koi8-r
Arabic (ISO-8859-6)                iso-8859-6
Arabic (cp864)                     cp864
Arabic (windows-1256)              windows-1256
Greek (ISO-8859-7)                 iso-8859-7
Greek (cp737)                      cp737
Greek2 (cp869)                     cp869
Greek (windows-1253)               windows-1253
Hebrew (ISO-8859-8)                iso-8859-8
Hebrew (cp862)                     cp862
Hebrew (windows-1255)              windows-1255
Turkish (ISO-8859-9)               iso-8859-9
ISO-8859-10                        iso-8859-10
Ukrainian Cyrillic (cp866u)        cp866u
Ukrainian Cyrillic (KOI8-U)        koi8-u
UNICODE (UTF-8)                    utf-8
RFC 1345 w/o Intro                 mnemonic+ascii+0
RFC 1345 Mnemonic                  mnemonic
Transparent                        x-transparent

To Unix or not to Unix. That is the question whether 'tis nobler in the
mind to suffer slings and arrows of vast documentation or to take arms
against a sea of buggy OS and by raping the support lines end then?

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