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I get this error:
Invalid parser construct found on line 15 at position 14. ColdFusion was looking at the following
Invalid expression format. The usual cause is an error in the expression structure.
The last successfully parsed CFML construct was a CFSET tag occupying document position (11:3) to


When I run this code:

<!--- Set url.DO and url.ACTION variables to blank if not set. --->
    <cfparam name="url.do" default="">
    <cfparam name="url.action" default="">
 <cfparam name="form.release_content" default="">
 <cfparam name="form.file_location" default="">
 <cfparam name="form.name" default="">

 <!--- Insert New Content Page --->
 <cfif (url.do is "yes") AND (url.action is "InsertNewPage")>
  <CFSET form.bodycontent = Replace(form.bodycontent, ', '')>
 <CFQUERY name="InsertNewPage" datasource="purplemonkeydishwater">
   INSERT INTO body_content
       (page, body_content, page_title)
     VALUES('#form.page#', '#form.body_content#', '#form.page_title#')


At first I was confused as to why it would go right through the CFIF and process the code inside it
(the paramters in the url should make the processing skip over the CFIF statement),
but now I realize coldfusion is just trying to check out the whole document's tags before it
actually processes it and walks through the code.

Unfortunatly, for the life of me, I can't figure out why it doesen't like this line:
VALUES('#form.page#', '#form.body_content#', '#form.page_title#')

It seems to be having trouble with the first hash mark.  The SQL is fine, I don't get it..

I am running Coldfusion 4.5.1 with a Oracle 8? server.

(if you can, please also cc: me at wilsonc at clubhotel.com )

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