[thelist] unable to create DCOM user account (Visual InterDev 6.0 )

Matthias Ritzkowski Matt at grndwtr.com
Mon Jul 30 07:41:08 CDT 2001

Irina -
did you use PWS or an external Webserver?
This sounds like the debugger, because that's the only dcom out of the bag.
I also use VI and a lot of problems were easier to fix moving to W2K ...
Matthias Ritzkowski

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Subject: [thelist] unable to create DCOM user account (Visual
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Hello evolters,

I have been using Visual InterDev6.0, and recently had
to reinstall my NT4.0 workstation system.
Now that I am trying to reinstall the VisualInterDev,
it gives me this error message:  unable to create DCOM
user account in order to register
does it have to do with active-x controls?
how do I enable it to create a DCOM user account?

could anyone, please, give me a hint.
i am nothing without my visual interdev.

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