[thelist] Sending email using ASP and CDONTS

kevin d. white nonzero at well.com
Mon Jul 30 12:16:01 CDT 2001

>Buying a 3rd party component (I recommend Mabry (http://www.mabry.com/
>)) will let you connect to the dedicated SMTP server from your
web box
>directly, bypassing the need for installing the SMTP server
>CDONTS relies on a local SMTP server (specifically, the IIS
SMTP Server
>and its Pickup directory). You could (if your security admin
will let
>you) install the IIS SMTP server and point it to your dedicated
one as a
>'smart host' and then tighten down on relaying. That way, all
mail will
>continue to go out the dedicated SMTP server, but you're adding
one hop
>in front of it.
>Hope that helps some...

That helps A LOT!  Thanks!  Now I know exactly what to tell my
 kevin d. white
 nonzero at well.com
 salt lake city, ut

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