[thelist] Having a problem with a darn td background image not repeating!!!

Rachell Coe rachell at coeville.com
Mon Jul 30 16:32:05 CDT 2001

I have designed this site to be liquid, however, when enough text is added
to stretch the design vertically, the vertical line to the far right that is
right underneath the contact info does not repeat.

I have tried the following to remedy the problem (none of which have
-- Made the background graphic longer.
-- Added the background graphic to all of the cells above it.
-- Placed a spacer gif in the cell that is giving me the problem with a
height set to 100%.
-- Added text to the cell to see if that would stretch it out.
-- Inserted a single cell table into the problem cell with a width and
height of 100% and the background image set into the td tag.
-- Took out any spaces separating the table tags.
-- Set the table above it (as well as the cell) to the exact height needed.

After all this, I'm at my wits end and could really use your help -- does
anyone have any ideas what the trouble it?

(And for those of you who may mention, I am still working on the site so not
all of the pages are complete -- this includes content, meta tags, and alt

I appreciate any and all suggestions!!!

Rachell Coe
(541) 463-9979
rachell at bluhanddesign.com

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Hi Gary,

Let us know if you find some way to handle this first part.  Maybe I'm just
being 'creative idea'-free at the moment, but I don't think that is
something you are gonna be able to do over the web.

I'm thinking the best you can do is have them log into some section of your
site and get one vote per login account ... but that ain't zactly the same
as one vote per person.

(Having a skeptical day.)

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My functionality needs are:

One vote per person, ever, per poll

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