[thelist] CSS2 and Netscape 4.7 problem

sfmalo sfmalo at email.msn.com
Tue Jul 31 08:56:33 CDT 2001

I just made some revisions to a client's site and what used to be valid CSS
(W3C Validator) no longer is IF I do not include the following in my element
descriptors in the remote file:

background-color: transparent ;

When I did put this into the remote CSS file (starting with H1 and running
all the way down the list) in order to validate, Netscape 4.7 then displayed
a bizarre black background on each page, blotting out most of the background
image and black text but showing colored text and images. Everything looks
fine in I.E. 5.5 and Netscape 6.01. So, I removed the above and had to take
the CSS Validation icon off the Home page. It's either validate or ignore
Netscape 4.7.

Any ideas?
Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"

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