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Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Tue Jul 31 14:44:43 CDT 2001

Ellen Cotton wrote:
> About 2 years ago I created a homepage for a business in
> Dallas. At that time they were running Linux on their
> server. All was well until recently when their server
> crashed and they decided to upgrade to the latest version
> of Linux Red Hat. Now the one pixel gif that I used previously
> shows a broken icon in every place that it is used. I
> used it in conjunction with the vspace tag. It still seems to
> be spacing everything as intended but shows as a broken icon.
> Nothing has changed in the code on these pages. Everything is
> in the same directory on their server. All other gif's &
> jpg's show as intended...only this transparent 1 pixel gif
> is acting strange. I uploaded a known good copy of the gif
> again, but to no avail. I'm using this 1 pixel gif on other
> homepages with no problems, all works fine.
> Figure it must have something to do with
> Linux but since I know so little about Linux I have no idea
> of what is causing this. Anyone out there have any ideas?
> I'm completely puzzled!

In various versions you can do right clicks or control clicks to do a
"view image" or "get image location" or "properties" to get the URL for
the image. Then see if asking for that gives you a 404 - if it does -
then the url should show where you need to put it.

Occasionally I've seen images get corrupted in the process of sites
moving hosts, backed up to a zip drive,  opened on a mac, run through
graphics optimizers, uploaded to a site in text mode -- but I too think
it's probably something more mundane.

Good luck!

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