[thelist] Day-to-day workflow related questions

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Tue Jul 31 15:50:41 CDT 2001

Good afternoon all,

I was wondering about day-to-day workflow.  I am now the only Web Designer
here... I've been struggling over the past couple of weeks in getting some
project deadlines accurately predicted.  When there was a few of us, there
was some delegation and some independent project initiation.  The work
hasn't slowed down (in fact, it's prolly increased), but I find myself
getting bogged down with tasks that interrupt projects.  I've tried to
augment how much of my time I allocate to projects (like 80% rather than
100%, and so on), but that doesn't work for all days.

Some actions that take up time:

E-mail correspondence
Phone calls (clients, business partners)
Archiving of projects
Documentation (internal, not billable)
Tendering quotes (quote creation)

Can anyone shed some light/encouragement on this?  It's not a life-or-death
thing, and I'm given lots of leeway to get all this sorted out, but I like
to have some sort of 'formula' I can go on... Rather than slightly vague
'today I might be this busy, but tomorrow I'm that busy'.



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