[thelist] Differences in capabilities of design

James S. Huggins (Evolt) Evolt at ZName.com
Wed Aug 1 08:36:28 CDT 2001

   >>>Historically (ie versions up to 98, don't know about 2000 or later),
   >>>FrontPage would then 'correct' your HTML,
   >>>to its limited understanding of correctness.

   >>>There's not a lot of point hand-editing if your
   >>>hand-edits are then removed.

My investigations of FP 2000 and FP 2002 indicate that both permit you to
turn this on and off. If you like concept of FP "reformatting", it appears
to permit you to control the types of reformatting it performs and to
specify reformatting parameters (e.g., indentation schemes, etc.). In
addition, if you generally like to have FP reformat but want to maintain a
particular block of HTML as you code it, there appears to be accomodation
for that option as well.

James S. Huggins

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