[thelist] Webhosting in Australia?

Karen Bowen karen at miinx.com.au
Wed Aug 1 08:46:13 CDT 2001

I've been using Webtrader for 4 years, initially for private clients, but
now also with my day job, and find their services now to be generally
excellent.  (they had some downtime probs a couple of years ago, but have
been stable and fast ever since)  http://www.webtrader.net.au/

other plusses
 - they are installing their own ADSL line at the moment
 - their setup is excellent (servers, security, etc)
 - extremely cheap
 - an incredible array of products and services.
 - lots of online self-management tools
 - excellent customer service, available both via email and over phone.

I sound like an ad.  :)


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Hi all, and especially Aussies,

My current Australian ISP can no longer provide the facilities some of my
sites need, so I'm looking to move a few domains. I am aware of very good
hosting facilities in the US and already have had good experience with
Media3, but for some "local" sites and an Australian national organisation I
really need an Australian host - those 300-400 ms hops across the pond mount
up! Unix is my preference, but I'm also interested in NT for Cold Fusion
etc. For one particular site I need around 600-700 megs space but with low
traffic (it's more of an image archive). So far I'm not too impressed with
my research, so would be grateful for any suggestions or comments...

Tony Page

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