[thelist] Free ISP with Front Page extensions (UK)

pandion pandion at gmx.net
Wed Aug 1 10:20:19 CDT 2001


>Yeah, yeah, Front Page sucks! But there is no other option in this case. I
>have a friend who is totally blind, but he wants to write a web site.
>Luckily, the software he has installed on his computer will interface with
>Front Page, so he can do it that way. The problem I am having is finding a
>free, U.K. based ISP that has Front Page extensions, he has a Freeserve
>account but they won't run them. Can anyone suggest an ISP?

Kevin, try www.f2s.com. They will resume signups any day and is probably 
the most feature rich free webhost out there now. Based in UK (why does 
that matter?) and ads free.


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