[thelist] JavaScript snafu (trying to replace characters in a string)

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Wed Aug 1 12:17:02 CDT 2001

Hi everyone,

I've got this page where I need to dissect the URL and create a page
location.  I came up with some really bad JavaScript...

Essentially what I want to do is change Backhoe_Loaders to Backhoe

<script language="JavaScript">

var theURL = document.location+""
// case: 
if (theURL!="") {
    var urlArray = theURL.split("/")
    var b = 2 // http://
    var name = urlArray[b+4]
    var cgname = replace(name,'_',' ') // here is where I tried to replace _
with a space, more like a sentence...
    var cat = urlArray[b+3];


JavaScript complains that cgname is undefined...

Is it? Isn't it?  What am I doing?  Where are my pants?

Any help would be awesome...


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