[thelist] Blue Screen

iibiz sales at iibiz.com
Thu Aug 2 00:07:56 CDT 2001

Thanks guys - I think I've got some good directions to take care of this

Thanks to all, especially Bill Haenel and the Head Lemur!  You're all the
best - and where else could you turn at 11:00 at night!


As promised:
<tip type=business growth>
It always pays to get your name out there where possible clients will run
across it.  Search for "promotional items" online - many items, pens, mouse
pads and more can be had for very reasonable prices with YOUR name on them.
Also scrutinize items you receive from other companies.  With today's
printer capabilities and a little creativity, you can make your own
brochures and flyers for pennies a piece.  If you need some creative help,
check out www.vistaprint.com , who has some step by step items you can

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