[thelist] Netscape 4.7 playing havoc with form pages

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 2 07:54:40 CDT 2001

> From: "sfmalo" <sfmalo at email.msn.com>
> Just revised a client's site and discovered that the two form pages
> are displaying catywampus in NN4.7 at 800x600 resolution. The boxes in
> the forms are distorted and I'm getting horizontal scrolling on each
> http://www.datablocks.com/contact.htm and
> http://www.datablocks.com/download.htm

NN is cascading your 12pt. Comic Sans body style into the form 
fields, so not only do they display larger in NN than IE, but add to 
that 12pt. Comic Sans, and you've got some fat boxen...

try classing your inputs...

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