[thelist] Easy ways to set up Perl?

Matthias Ritzkowski Matt at grndwtr.com
Thu Aug 2 08:03:25 CDT 2001

Perl does not need compiling. With Win98, your installation probably has .pl
files set up to be executed with perl. I think you are taking about the
"shebang" which is used for the unix variant. There, the first line of the
perl program points to the executable to run it.
I just started with a similar setup. Hint: get this editor to make your life
easier (No command line stuff necessary):

That and windows explorer shoul dget you going. Have fun!


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I don't think I'm completely thick, in fact I've been looking at Perl and it
looks simple enough to code in.

But I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to set up the
compiler. I've downloaded Activeperl from Activestate.com which I've been
told will do the job just fine, and I've clicked the .exe and installed it,
but there seems to be a fair bit of Command line path-setting or something
to be doing. I just don't know.

I'm currently working on Win98 and hoping to pop my cgi-bin into my Personal
Web Server folder on my desktop machine. As soon as I get my IIS set up to
parse the ASP rather than just displaying it on the NT Server here, I'd hope
to install it there instead, but for the mo it's to be on my desktop PC.


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