[thelist] HELP!!! Please reply soon

Nnicky Nicky nicky411 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 10:50:12 CDT 2001

 I sent an email yesterday about this same problem. I
know what's causing the problem but I need a way to
get around it. 
 I have a form that has buttons. The buttons have
onclick options. It seems that the onClick option
doesn't recognize functions that are written between
these <%... %>
and only recognizes code that written between this
<script language="javascript"
type="text/javascript">...</script>. However, I can't
put the code between the <script> tags because I'm
accessing the database and I want the database &
server information hidden from the users. Is there a
way for me to get around this issue and still have
buttons that access functions between these <% %> ?? 
Please contact me ASAP.. I'm at a stand still.  

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