[thelist] ie5 kiosk mode link

Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Thu Aug 2 15:32:05 CDT 2001

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> From: Scott Schrantz 
> http://www.netinsites.com/hottips_power.cfm#p20
> Add a -k switch to the IE5 shortcut.

Sorry for jumping the gun with a half-finished solution. The shortcut above
will only open IE to its default homepage. To open it to a particular
website, you need to enter the URL after the -k. So the full text on the
shortcut would be

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" -k www.evolt.org

That shortcut would open IE5 to Evolt in kiosk mode. Then you can change the
icon to whatever you want (it will be the blue e by default).

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