[thelist] Weird Log Entries

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Aug 2 16:39:32 CDT 2001

That's Code Red.

http://www.cert.org/archive/html/coderedannounce.html (Among others)

The biggest hype and peter-out since Y2K.

If you're all patched up (or not on Win2K) you're fine.


At 04:25 PM 8/2/2001, you wrote:
>Looking through my server logs tonight, I found dozens of things like this:
> - - [01/Aug/2001:17:06:53 -0500] "GET
>HTTP/1.0" 404 858 "-" "-"
>[all on one line in the original, of course]
>Each time it comes from a different IP; sometimes the domain names are
>shown (e.g. caipsnt.hallym-c.ac.kr), so I can see that they come from all
>over the world. No one is clicking on a link for this, otherwise surely the
>referring URL would show up, as it does in other log entries where a link
>was clicked. The long nonsense string is always exactly the same. Is it
>Unicode? How does one translate this?
>This happened about a month ago for two days, then stopped. Now here it is
>Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Ben Dyer
Senior Internet Developer
Imaginuity Interactive

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