[thelist] My chat with Network Solutions

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Fri Aug 3 01:52:25 CDT 2001

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> Subject: RE: [thelist] My chat with Network Solutions
> Actually, I have a slightly tangental question:
> I recently had a domain come up for renewal, and moved it from NSI to
> another registrar. I just got paper spam (two months AFTER the move to
> the new registrar was finalized) from NSI telling me my domain could be
> in jeopardy if I didn't renew ASAP. I just checked with the new
> registrar, and I'm good for another year (well till 10/7/02
> apparently)...my question is, can anything bad happen? NSI apparently
> thinks that they are still the registrar of record...can they smack me
> in any way, or am I just being a ?
> --Matthew

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