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Fri Aug 3 09:03:45 CDT 2001

* Michael Pemberton <mpember at phreaker.net> [08m03d01y 13:51]:
> I must admit at this point that I am still using NS4 personally due to Mozilla
> being to much like IE with many of the shortcuts and feature design being
> altered.  (eg. F3 no longer repeats the most recent word search winthin a
> document, you must keep using the find dialog).

As far as I know, Ctrl-G works the same now...

I agree with you on Moz becoming a bit like IE, but I think this is a Good
Thing to a point. I find that when writing webpages, most of the time they
work the same on Moz and IE without me even trying (HTML 4.01 / CSS2).

I'm no keener on MS than the next person, but they're not going anywhere soon,
and although I'm not an expert, NS4.x strikes me as very buggy when it comes
to rendering a lot of things (CSS for one...) -- I hope it goes away soon.

I don't know anyone who still uses NS4.x under windows (ok, so I haven't
actually /asked/ many people!), but it's still a significant share of the
non-Windows market, so I try to cater for it in my sites.

IMHO, it's worth getting Mozilla, it's been pretty stable since 0.9.x and I've
not had a single problem with the browser side of things since 0.9.1.

Whichever way things go though, I just *wish* that people writing browsers
would make them conform to the w3c standards - if it weren't for NS4.x I think
our lives would all be much easier!


P.S. - Sorry for the fragmented thought process, I'm half asleep :-)
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