[thelist] Database Design

Derry Talvainn artema at artema.com.au
Sun Aug 5 20:17:54 CDT 2001

I am trying to design a database for a website that will be used to view
information about Training Short Courses and to take bookings for the said

Hi all,

I am in the process of designing a database that is far more complex than
anything I have ever attempted before.

I have put together some tables and their relationships in Access (although
the final database is to be designed in mySQL) and saved out a snapshot and
am hoping someone out there could give me some advice (I can send the
snapshot file to anyone who would like to see the design, but appreciate
that 'the list' does not take attachments).

The website will allow clients to come on to the site, view courses, details
and descriptions of courses, a course schedule for times and dates when the
courses will be run and also show what training organisation is holding the
course (as a variety of training centres will be involved - not just one).
Clients will then be able to make a booking for a course if they desire.

I have been reading 'Database Design for Mere Mortals' as the basis for my
attempt. I haven't got a handle on 'Sub Tables' and  putting the Course ID
as the primary key in a wide range of tables and all set to autonumber
doesn't work. Am wondering how to set that up correctly.

Or if I have managed to set anything up correctly!

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Derry Talvainn
Artema Interactive Design

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