[thelist] Am I infected?

Hershel Robinson hershelsr at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 10:07:16 CDT 2001

> That's a plain ole connect request. If you're not
> expecting it from the
> outside world (in any sense), then it may be Code
> Red. You're not
> "infected" yet, and if you've patched your server,
> you're fine. I'd
> double check that disallowing the connection doesn't
> hose your access to
> the server...

I have had my ADSL up for over a month, but it runs as
if on a LAN and so I have never yet had any suspicious
connect requests.  I tested myself at some testing
site and they said they could not access my PC at all.

No, I did not patch my server.

I did receive email from someone named 'desert' on
8-2.  The subject line is mosty garbage, but in the
middle it does say 'Worm.SirCam.'  It is in my deleted
box (Outlook Express) and I am not going to open it
right now.

I have mostly ignored all the hubub about viruses and
I am thus not well informed.

I am prepared to accept any advice as to how to

Hershel, Virus Loser

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