[thelist] starting with C?

kevin d. white nonzero at well.com
Mon Aug 6 10:17:31 CDT 2001

The cheapest and quickest way is to get access to a Linux box
and use the standard GNU c/C++ compiler (gcc).  There is a Win32
port put out by Cygnus (part of Redhat) that is pretty good as
well.  As for a GUI or editor...If you are just starting out
most IDE's will probably be a bit overwhelming.  Concentrate
on learning the language first and then an IDE.  For now, any
old plain text editor will probably do.  Textpad, Multiedit,
Emacs, VI, VIM, JOE, Notepad - these are all perfectly fine.
 Integrated syntax checkers and debuggers are probably overkill
right now.  They may even hinder your learning by correcting
your mistakes without enhancing your understanding.

The right IDE for you depends largely on your style of programming
(after learning the language) and the type of code you are writing.>From:
Erick Papadakis 

~erick_papadakis at yahoo.com~ wrote:
>sorry if this is off-topic, but i would really
>appreciate if someone could please let me know how i
>can start using C or C++? can i download any of the
>"desktop programming environments"? like turbo-c++ or
>borland c++? 
>thank you!
 kevin d. white
 nonzero at well.com
 salt lake city, ut

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