[thelist] Am I infected?

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 6 10:28:31 CDT 2001

Delete the file from your Deleted Items box immediately.  Do not open.  Also
remove any other suspicious e-mails.  If you have not opened the attachment,
you are ok.  If you have, I suggest you contact your anti-virus software
vendor to the latest update and any help in removing the infection.


> I did receive email from someone named 'desert' on
> 8-2.  The subject line is mosty garbage, but in the
> middle it does say 'Worm.SirCam.'  It is in my deleted
> box (Outlook Express) and I am not going to open it
> right now.

> Thanks,
> Hershel, Virus Loser

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