[thelist] Application variables vs reading flat files

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Mon Aug 6 10:43:17 CDT 2001

Hi all

I'm building a number of sites template based sites, where content is stored
within a DB and either delivered on the fly or written to disk and
re-written when changes are made to it or to the templates.

My thoughts now are turning to how I access those templates.  At the moment
I've simply been reading the template files from the disk using FSO, but my
thoughts have turned to having the template files stored as application
variables.  Now I imagine that having them as application variables will
make accessing them a lot faster, with the trade off of having a few large
string variables being left in the server memory.  I assume that the speed
gained from doing this will out weigh the cost of having a them permenantly
in memory (they aren't huge, maybe 5-10k).  Would I be right in this
assumption, are application variables the way forward for me?


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